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Aka: he always carries a piece of home and has terrible taste in bread spreads. I once thought i could surprise my man with a really delicious bean soup for dinner, only to hear but where s the chicken. So the first time the aussie was in la, he could not find any coffee, but after a year or so, forcefully, we found coffee shops that satisfies his coffee snobery thirst. Not having meat in a meal is unacceptable yes, there are vegetarian australians, but after dating my aussie and meeting most of his friends, every meal required some sort of meat (mostly bbq of sorts) otherwise it was considered as just an appetizer. All eyes on him -- is that an accent i hear. The minute he starts speaking, it s as if someone just yelled free nutella. As a melbourne boy, he is an entitled coffee snob i ll admit, melbourne has an incredible coffee scene. Anyways, let s be real, my man does follow the aussie stereotypes -- blonde hair, surfer, beach bum, makes a mean bbq, loves a good beer, and rides a kangaroo to work. If you don t know footy well, just support the same team he does aussie boys are incredibly loyal to their footy team austrailan women dating. He is fearless to pathetic puny american standard insects i see a spider, i scream.

Everyone knows that australia has some wild and terrifying creatures that are ultimately out to kill you, so the tiny and unintimidating insects here are nothing to the aussie kind. Speaking of accents, anything he says always sounds better to this day, i am pretty sure i haven t really listened to what the aussie has been saying. What ever happened to names like john , tom and mike. I always found the way american guys try to get girls was a bit aggressive. And i love the aussies, but let me tell you, there are some things about dating an australian man that i found very different about dating an american guy. Only kidding, he doesn t like beer that much. Also, the whole live to work - work to live mentality is so noticeably different between the two cultures. Aka: he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. No matter how much you fight it, they will always love their vegemite i don t get it nor will i ever understand it, but after moving to the states, the aussie misses his vegemite. I hear choosing footy teams can make or break a relationship.

) anyways, i love dating an australian and here are the reasons why: **this post is purely based on my experience dating a few american and aussie men, and in no way trying to generalize the american and australian population. Aka: he s a fearless badass hero who swoons me with his bravery austrailan women dating. The flirting/hooking up game was so different in no sighn up sexchat were all girls are online.
. The aussie comes in, sees the spider and says that s it. And hey, he can easily play off as my hero when he catches a spider. Americans drink to get drunk and go out, aussies love a beer with almost anything and drink because they mostly enjoy the taste (they just get hammered in process of enjoying all this grog. If you look at any tour book for melbourne, the first thing mentioned to visit are the laneways and coffee shop. I don t actually know any of his friends real names muzza , jordo , pinky , lawz , smithy. He can say, i just made a few cheese curds in my pants while kissing a whale and i am here like **whimper** that was hot, kiss me now. .

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