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  one of them directed a beam of light into her face, the other one dragged her by her hair and threw her out on the pavement. ”    in 1944 at the ponary execution site szloma gol was among seventy jews, and ten russian prisoners –of – war suspected of being jewish, who as members of a “blobel kommando” , had to dig up and then burn the bodies of those who had been murdered  during the years 1941 – 1943. Sakowicz, who lived at ponary, and who was himself killed during the last days of german rule in vilna, noted in his diary:     shooting is carried on nearly everyday. I also noticed that at one spot in front of the ditch there was a big mountain of shoes and clothes lithuanian naked girl. Each morning, chained at the ankles and waist, they were put to work to dig up and burn tens of thousands of corpses lithuanian naked girl. Right on top, on, this layer of sand, there was a further three men and a woman who had been shot on the morning of the day, in question.   out of a small window i saw what was happening in that narrow street. “while shooting,” noted a german security police report, wille “was attacked by a jew” and wounded “by two knife blows in the back and one blow in the head. I myself stood about six to eight meters from the entry. While we were repairing our vehicles – i can no longer tell whether it was on the first or second day of our stay there – i suddenly saw a column of about four hundred men walking along the road into the pine wood. The woman is chased after by a policeman, he smashes her head in with the rifle butt, the woman collapses. After the entire group had been executed the firing squad put their rifles to one side. Another prisoner, yudi farber, who had been a civil engineer before the war, joined in the preparations for the escape. I would also like to add that on the way to the execution area the delinquents had to walk one behind the other and hold on to the upper body of the man in front. “it was in the evening, there was no electricity, and heniek told his story.   he went on to tell me that a jewish commissar had broken into a flat, tied up a man and raped his wife before the man’s very eyes.   thus, it provided a prototype for the death camps in poland and the prolonged resettlement actions of 1942 -43.   they were then led out of the trench ten at a time to stand in front of the machine-gun. I now saw that slightly to one side there was a coach with two horses, a landau.   people say that about five thousand persons have been killed in the course of this month.

  thousands of jews hid in cellars, or in attics, but groups of lithuanians went from house to house in search of them, often returning several times to the same house.   each night the eighty prisoners were forced to sleep in a deep pit to which the only access was by a ladder drawn up each evening. The firing squad, which was made up of ten men, positioned itself at the side of the path, about six to eight metres in front of the group.   from our vantage point we could see into the pit and was therefore able to confirm that the 400 jews who had been shot the previous day were also in there. Their guards were armed with pistols, daggers, and automatic guns – one armed guard for each chained prisoner. Sensing the danger, these young men tried to break out of the freight cars and fought, with revolvers, knives and fists. As i recall the nco’s riedl, dietrich, schroff, hamann, locher, ammann, greule and possibly some others whom i can no longer remember came with us. From where they had waited, the people had heard the sound of rifle fire but had seen nothing. Other garments are crammed into sacks in a barn at the highway and taken to town. The railway line over a great distance is covered with corpses. Afterwards the commissar had literally butchered the wife to death, cut out her heart, fried it in a pan and had then proceeded to eat it. You know that boulevard, you just follow that. “i am from vilna myself,” he later recalled. The young man told them: “everyone – everyone was shot. But the soldier took the boy and hit him with his head against the wall, once, twice, smashed him against the wall. I can only say that the mass shootings in ponary were quite horrific. ”   all those jews from sol and smorgon who survived the rail-side massacre of 5 april 1943 were shot in the pits at ponary by the german and lithuanian ss men.   this gave me the opportunity to talk to one of them. I actually looked into the pit and saw that the bottom was already covered with bodies. He was pale and told me in an agitated manner what he had witnessed in the wood.

In this connection, i would also like to say that the very next day once again about the same number of jews were led along the road into the wood. “the streets were surrounded,” abba kovner recalled, “but again a few hours went by, and nothing happened.   on reaching ponary they realised they had been deceived.all online dating sites for singles.
. One of the methods they used to make him confess was to tear out his fingernails.     about one hundred and fifty persons shot. Parts of their bodies protruded out of the sand. Today about four thousand people were driven up, shot by eighty executioners, all drunk.   as the digging up and burning of the bodies proceeded, eleven of the eighty jews were shot by the guards – sadistic acts which gratified the killers, and were intended to terrorise and cow the prisoners. ”   so she took that step forward and he told her, “what a pity to bury such beauty under the earth. Even those who had not been killed outright, could not survive the whole day in the pit, lying there wounded as more and more bodies fell on top of them. ”   he was immediately taken to the military hospital in vilna.   together with some of my colleagues from my motorised column i followed this second group. ”   but they could not believe him – “you are the one who is a panic monger,” they replied.   it was announced that any jew who left his home would be killed, and that a search was in progress for those guilty of ambushing a german patrol. How is it possible that the jews will be simply taken and shot.    on 5 april 1943 three hundred jews from the ghettos of sol and smorgon, in macedonia,  were deported to ponary.   in two days, more than 3,700 jews were taken to ponary and murdered or killed in the cellars – of those killed, according to the precise german statistics, 885 were children. ”   kaczerginski added- “we were petrified. ”     dvorjetsky hurried to a gathering of vilna jews to tell them the story. .

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