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It s a term used to describe gaining sexual pleasure from the thought of urination, although it can include stimulation gained from watching another urinate. In some cases, it s used as a form of humiliation. Com add this video to one of my favorites list: report this video: share this video: updated july 14, 2017 watersports is a common term used to describe the act of urinating, watching urination or being urinated on during sex.   show full article msg:newslettersignuplabel • use the buttons below to share this chat on popular social networking sites: guestbook | if you re the owner of this room, please log in to manage your chat room.   if you want to try watersports  hydrate yourself well first, or ask your partner to do so. Urophagia  urophagia is the act of drinking or consuming urine, or even watching someone else drink it.   the risks of watersports  despite its use in ancient medicine, urophagia is the most likely of all watersports to result in health complications, at least when the urine you re consuming is not your own. Urophiliacs are aroused by the sight, touch or smell of urine watersports chat. Urine contains pathogens, minerals and salt that you may not want to ingest, although it is 95 percent just plain water. Wait for a better time if you have any open cuts, wounds or sores.

Golden shower a golden shower involves urinating on another person, or being urinated on yourself. Think of it this way — urination is the body s way of getting rid of and flushing itself of toxins. A person may consume urine — a practice that s called urophagia — or bathe in it for enjoyment. Golden showers and golden baths fall under this umbrella term. This is nothing new to the 21st century and the practice doesn t actually have its roots in sexuality. Some find the practice sexually stimulating. Even drinking your own urine can dehydrate you because of its salt content. Urophagia can cause digestive irritation and it can pose problems for those with kidney disease watersports chat. A urophiliac might gain stimulation from urinating in public. Golden showers may also cause internal irritation.

Ancient civilizations, including the romans and the chinese, routinely engaged in urophagia for healing and other health purposes, although they generally drank their own urine. Golden showers don t necessarily lead to any known health risk, but golden baths fall into the category of unprotected sex and this is never a good idea unless you re in a committed relationship and you know for sure that your partner is safe.   golden bath  a golden bath is similar to a golden shower, but it involves urinating during anal sex into the rectum or colon of one s partner.example of a headline for a dating profile.
. When you drink it, you re restoring those toxins, giving your own kidneys something more to get rid of. This also means avoiding certain foods and liquids before the event that can lead to stronger, more pungent urine, including garlic, asparagus or cabbage, and certain vitamin supplements. Watersports are known by a few common terms.   urolagnia  urolagnia doesn t necessarily require the physical act of urination. A golden shower is not purely a gay custom. .Online chat with hot girls for free.

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watersports chat

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