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Mission appearances personality being raised in both hong kong and america has given shen an immense familiarity and understanding of both cultures, hence is able to interact with and infiltrate gangs with excellent natural ability. Shen is a highly intelligent, self-aware and generally balanced individual. Under orders from superintendent pendrew, shen s assignment was to go undercover into the sun on yee triad and bring down the leader, the dragon head, and the lieutenants, the red poles, while reporting directly to his handler, raymond mak. The envelope contained a portable data disk showing video footage of pendrew murdering uncle po in hospital, giving shen proof of pendrew’s corruption, conspiracy and murder. The case remained open, however, it was widely believed that shen did commit the murder and infiltrated the gang as revenge for his sister. Days later, shen received an envelope from jiang, surprisingly addressing him as “officer shen” will yun lee dating age. Wei is a very talented martial artist, marksman and driver will yun lee dating age.

He is voiced by will yun lee and played by brian ho in the official live-action trailer. Shen however realized that the future of the triads and hkpd would be in jeopardy if big smile lee could become the next chairman. Shen moved to san francisco from hong kong at age of 10 with his mother and sister in an attempt to help mimi overcome her drug addiction. Shen was now free to resume his life as a cop in hong kong. Shen negotiated with pendrew the release of jackie in exchange for the evidence, but was ordered by pendrew to cease his undercover work and warned to stay away from the triads. He attended ps 121 high school, and graduated in 2002 with honors. Tong, who had learned of shen’s true status as an undercover cop and proceeded to brutally torture him and extract a confession against jiang.

Shen revealed that all the triad prisoners were informed of uncle po’s murder, the two of them knew well enough that pendrew would die in prison at the hands of the vengeful inmates, leaving shen almost satisfied. Shen s vengeance against trin caught the eye of superintendent thomas pendrew, who had been searching for candidates in order to infiltrate the sun on yee. After winston and peggy were murdered at their own wedding, shen took over winston’s position as a red pole, seeking vengeance against dogeyes and resisting big smile lee’s hostile takeover of the water street gang’s assets.server exchange skills technology updating windows.
. After being arrested during a police bust, shen was re-introduced to an old friend, jackie ma, who promised to introduce him to winston chu s gang, the water street gang. .Anime dating game question examples.Validating radio buttons with javascript.

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